Professional Development Membership Description

The goal is to understand your personal brand and how to communicate that to the world.  Integrating your VMOST (Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics) and strengths which create a unique profile webpage that is easily searchable, share-able, and integrated with your social media page.
BizELife Professional Development program is to prepare you for a lifetime of success in professional life while allowing you to developing the skills and mindset of an entrepreneur.  This is the foundation of success for a lifetime venture.

Membership Benefits

  Empowering you to communicate your needs and strengths effectively for life.

  Showcasing your core values through your personal branding in the professional community to get noticed.

  Giving you access to a community of supporters who can enrich your life’s goals and growth.

  Building your confidence and happiness sustainability.

  Allowing your membership fees to be a tax deductible (check with your CPA).

  Qualifying for BizELife Perpetual Education Fund Level II toward your professional development.

Qualifying to become a BizELife service provider/vendor to our community.

Having an opportunity for you to sell your talents to others and allow them to purchase directly from your webpage.

Membership Features

  Receive your own self-assessment to understand your strengths.

  Access to pre-qualified, verified and trusted service providers who will consult directly on all your personal and/or business needs at an affordable price

  Access to BizELife Strategic Partners on all your business needs and educational tools and resources conveniently in your own web portal.

  Access to BizELife Perpetual Education Fund online application.

  Creating your own brand through VMOST (Vision, Mission, Objective, Strategy, and Tactic) to communicate your core values.

Learning how to market your talents and communication style to build a trusted reputation in the business world and personal relationship.

Having your own personalized webpage (brand reputation landing page) makes it easier for employers and/clients to find you in leu of resume or email campaigns.

Having a personalized scheduler so others can contact you and make appointments.

Having your own simple interactive business plan if you are selling your service or products to others.

Access to online courses to assist you in being productive, effective, targeted, and marketable.

$50.00 / month and a $150.00 sign-up fee