Do More with Less (Aligning to Your Strengths & Wealth Foundation)

Do more with less

by Lan Shafer, BizELife Project Manager

My husband, Joe and I like to play golf.  It’s not my favorite activity but as it turns out I have what golfers called a “natural swing”.  It’s natural because I was taught by a professional.  Joe did the best thing for our relationship with golf is to enroll me into a class to learn the basics from a golf professional.  He always bemoaned about how he self-taught and developed some bad habits.  It’s one thing to watch a how-to video or to read a book about how to swing a golf club or watch other people do it.  It’s completely different when you do the actual work of playing golf and having a pro to check your work.  Anyway, he enrolled me into a class to learn from a pro because he didn’t want me to catch the bad swing habits from him.  Also, he didn’t think he would be a good teacher and therefore, may end up sabotaging my golf enthusiasm with bad habits and stressful experience.

    Swing As Hard As You Can….and Miss!

At any rate, just like any amateur, I started off taking all my energy and try to hit the ball as hard as I can.  I am a person of small stature (4’10’ish and 95 lbs. at that time – yeah, much heavier now but still short) because I thought I had to work harder to get the ball to go far, I had to swing as hard as I can.   Needless to say, it was an epic failure.  I hit nothing but air and the ball moved an ¼ inch because the wind from the club swing shifted the ball off its stand.  Tried harder again and again and again to swing that club like I was trying to toss the Hammer of Thor!  Every time it was the same result, nothing but air.  Finally made contact with the ball after a dozen tries and the ball went a short distance sideway and almost took the head off the guy standing at the other tee box.  So finally, my instructor asked me if I am done with trying to hit the ball.  Yeah, because by this time, I was tuckered out and ready to sit down and have something to eat and drink my disappointment away.

He told me the most important lesson that I also took to heart in my work and life.  He said,

  • Lan, we have all these clubs in your bag with specific attributes to do its work for you so you wouldn’t have to swing the club so hard every time;
  • Don’t try to hit the ball, let your club do the work and swing through it (the ball). Allow your club to do the work for you in taking the ball to the distance you need it to go;
  • Try not to aim specifically at the ball but rather just a few inches beyond it. When you focus beyond the intended target, then you have a better chance of contacting the ball.
  • Don’t match your swing and gait to what you are used to do with baseball, golf is a different animal and requires a different (almost unnatural) swing style. Holding your club like you are carrying a platter of champagne glasses (all so delicately in your hand) and rotate your arms by balancing that platter with your palm as you move that platter from one hand to the other….



It’s Not How Hard You Swing, It’s How Smooth You Use Your Tools!


Now you are wondering where am I taking you through this story?  It’s not a golf lesson but rather the truism of talents and efforts in life to achieve the Foundation of Wealth:

  • You see, just like a golf bag, we each have a few set of talents (clubs) that is given to us from birth. Figure out what your strengths are first and foremost.
  • We don’t have to work so hard to hit our goals if we know how to use our talents/strengths (clubs) correctly.
  • Don’t focus so hard on the goal (ball) but rather look just beyond it as if you already achieved the goal and should think about what next.
  • Working your talent (swing) is nothing like what you are used to do as we were taught all our lives. We are taught to improve on the things we are not good at to achieve more.
  • Loosen up your grip on achievement (platter) and balance your talents (champagne glasses) to adjust from one experience to the next.

That is the lesson we all need to focus on in this new world of information age and customization.  To achieve more by doing less and focusing on what your talents are in you.  That’s customizing your values to the world and providing you with the Alignment to your own Wealth Foundation:  spiritual, financial, relational, and physical.


What’s Next in Your Life to Live Your Potential?

Want to learn more and achieve more with less?  Make your time more effective and efficient by getting professional help in developing your talents.  Be a BizELife Member and get started in a new Swing and be a part of a Movement of Strengths!

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