BizELife Personal Development Membership

Are you confident in delivering your personal truths clearly, effectively and consistently?

Do you want to integrate your personal life and work life to create a purpose driven lifestyle?

This membership level educate, activate and connect you to the goals above.  It is a self-improvement program for those 16+ ages and in any stages of life.  Your membership will provide you with the following;

  • Creating your own personalized core values and talents (God given) that drives your purpose in life;
  •  Learning how to apply the principles of Wealth in all aspect of your life: Spiritual, Financial, Physical and Relational;
  •  Empowering you to communicate your needs and strengths effectively with your family, friends and work environment;
  •  Showcasing your core values through your personal branding in your personal life and professional community to be noticed;
  •  Giving you access to a community of supporters who can enrich your life’s goals and growth;
  •  Building your confidence and happiness sustainably;
  •  Getting access to financial assistance through our Perpetual Education Fund begin your success journey.
  •  Providing opportunties to demonstrate your progress through our community outreach resources.
  •  Getting a tax charitable write off on your monthly/yearly contribution as a pay it forward to other BizELife members who are in need.

Energize your life, change the world!

| $20 per month |