About Us

A Message From our CEO

At BizELife, we are passionate about people, and the opportunity for each of us to reach our own great potential. Only through the culture we create, the value system that we live by and continuously improve.

With this transformation of the future comes great responsibility for all of us:

  1. Act with integrity in everything we do, in every decision we make, and in every decision we see others make.
  2. Work to rapidly keep up with the changes, working at a much faster pace and moving away from the old notions but with quality.
  3. Act with unquestionable integrity while bringing all the passion and creativity and imagination of each of us.

These are inseparable priorities, and we cannot achieve one without the other and being stewards of a proud legacy. Our purposeful work is to help find and solve our social and economic challenges, directly through our affiliates and services, and indirectly by our conduct. How do we provide job creation, sustainable environmental practices and social programs that improve the standard of living in the communities in which we operate.

Our core values: Leadership, Integrity, Fairness, and Excellence underpin everything we do while the basic principle of empowerment strengthens and deepens commitments of better futures and better lives that exemplify our foundation. While codes and policies are important, ultimately the success of program, and indeed the integrity of our company, rests with you — our members. You must make decisions every day in your work, decisions that may have wide-ranging economic, legal, and ethical implications. Whatever the circumstances, you are expected to act with complete integrity always.

We believe you will also gain a wider understanding of the privileges and responsibilities that come with being a part of your journey, and the strong framework in which we can all pursue within our individual potential. The character – the integrity – of our company, is with all of us. It is the value system that we create.


Loretta Broughton


Loretta Broughton, President

I have a vision of giving alternatives avenues to the expensive costs of universities and colleges to everyone, while creating a whole new economy of successful businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals to lead their communities and families. Leadership requires that we connect to our core values, principles, skills and strengths and fulfill our purpose in life that brings a greater happiness, joy, and success to ourselves, family, business, and community.

I have succeeded running a nonprofit, Charity Never Faileth, for over five years giving back to my community, families and individuals of over $200,000 in goods and services in 2017 alone. I can have the biggest smile when I see someone else smile and know that I had something to do with it.

I want to help those who are underachieved because they do not have the means or opportunities which they can rebuild their lives. Many people I help and want to help are those who are left behind by the system of low expectations such as “being in the criminal system”, lack of family resources and/or positive role models. They too have untapped potentials to create strong families and communities. The purpose is to create successful individuals who are well rounded, happy and can make a powerful impact in the future generation by bringing greater love among all because it starts within ourselves and within our homes.

My mission is to help as many people become more skilled, greater leaders in this new world and economy, and by doing this, assisting as many as possible not to be left behind.

I have a lifetime of service to both community, individuals and church. I am also a member of DAR-daughters of American Revolution.

The reason I serve on BizELife is because I follow the beat of my own drum. After witnessing several years of stress, sadness, sorrow and problems from my own children to the many children they went to school with, someone needed to make a difference. It was time to say stop, and it’s time to really assist in their futures, giving the clarity, confidence and success that so many were giving up hope on.

I needed to make an impact on as many lives as possible and this became the BizELife mission and goal!


Bruce Brimacombe, VP of Technology and Innovation

Mr. Bruce Brimacombe founded GOe3 LLC in 2000 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Brimacombe is a visionary with a penchant for identifying emerging market opportunities, setting innovative business trends and successfully leading young companies to profit. He began his career in 1983 as a Securities Trader specializing in IPO’s and small business capitalization. In 1999, he launched an internet computer company that exceeded $16 million in sales in its first year. In 2002, Mr. Brimacombe started Phoenix metros leading wireless ISP company. It was at that point he saw the market leading up to EV’s. In 1999, he launched an internet computer company that exceeded $16 million in sales in its first year. In 2002, launched a wireless internet service provider by providing high-speed wireless internet service to remote areas where customers, some more than 45 miles away from a high-speed DSL or cable base connection, received high speed internet service for the first time.

Bruce’s viewpoint on business is usually extraordinary and slightly different than the rest. He encompass the American ingenuity and resourcefulness. Believing in the power of “what can be” rather than what is now. I think the following quotes exemplify his thought process and beliefs clearly:

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”

“Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence.”


Lan Shafer, VP of Operations

Being a Chief Connector for Aligned Solutions Group for the last 3+ years and the Executive Producer of FIAVTS internet radio show allowed me to connect and promote innovators around the country who are doing sustainability in a new way that brings wealth to the community and disrupt the current system of bloated and expensive “green and clean” sources of food, water and energy.

My experience with Sara Lee, Jimmy Dean, Best Foods, and Schwan’s Foodservice Sales were over 12+ years in business development and sales management with sales ranging from $0 sales when I started to $2M+ by doing what I do best: maximizing resources and collaboration with other manufacturers and stake holders to garner “preferred vendor status” and create unique programs for clients.

The opportunity with BizELife allows me to bring to life the idea of a one-stop resource platform that can create new entrepreneurs and bring prosperous business environment and family health that is led by our strengths, purpose and collaboration.

My mission is: Connecting Innovators, Resources and People to change the world and bring wealth to our community. I do this by:
1. Sharing my connections and resources to bring your ideas to life.
2. Encouraging you to work and live aligned: converging your purpose, passion and principle in everything you do and translate that into your VMOST (Vision, Mission, Objective, Strategy, and Tactic)

My specialty is being a connector. As such, I tend to have list of people and organizations who are influencers and executives to make changes in the way we do business ranging from municipalities, trade associations, non-profits and business developers.