Our Mission

BizELife is a 501 (C) (3) charitable organization that advances an entrepreneurial mindset with a “Can Do Attitude” within individuals of all stages to start a business or profession that makes positive social and economic impact within families and communities and promote generosity to serve individuals in need through giving and volunteerism.

What We Do

We provide assessment, resources and financial assistance to people for education and direction to learn and develop their interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills in life and work.


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Who We Serve

Our members are those seeking to gain confidence and skills in running a business, be successful community leaders, and achieve their purpose.

Why is BizELife a non-profit?

It allows us to receive donations and funnel revenues directly back to our members keeping the cost down and making it more accessible for everyone.

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How  BizELife  Makes  an  Impact:

  1. We EMPOWER people to be successful according to their purpose and aligning to their VMOST (Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy & Tactics);
  2. We OFFER alternative ways for people to pursue success without incurring lengthy and costly traditional education programs.
  3. We PROVIDE the means for our members to create their own aligned brand/reputation landing page and business website.
  4. We BUILD a collaborative community for our members to share their strengths and compete effectively;
  5. We INVEST with BizELife Perpetual Education Fund in growing a generation of skillful and quality freelancers, tradesmen and business owners to meet the changing social and economic needs of the 21st century.

Why be a BizELife Donor?

  1. Tax deduction & an AZ tax credit;
  2. Provide public relations boost to increase corporate brand awareness;
  3. Your money is funding  a new business idea, helping an individual gain a new trade, or helping to develop professional skills among the "future achievers" who will contribute to your business success;
  4. You can take pride that you are bringing change and wealth to the community;
  5. You are supporting our mission to bring more entrepreneurship mindset and leadership to the community.

Why be a BizELife Member?

  1. How to ask the right questions?  Our interactive business plan helps you make decisions that impact what type product or service that best serves the market place and how to promote it.
  2. How to find the right answers?  We provide a library of resources for all things entrepreneurial and personal development at your finger tip specific to your need;
  3. How to apply?  We assess your strengths so that you can lead with what energizes you and communicate your work appreciation method to get more validation;
  4. How to get yourself noticed?  We provide a landing page specifically for you to communicate to the world your uniqueness and be found.

Why partner with BizELife?

  1. If you are a school or an educational program, you can receive new quality students from BizELife who are already primed for success;
  2. If you are a trade or professional association, you can receive new members from BizELife;
  3. Our partners can participate in BizELife events and promote your organization.