Who We Are

BizELife is  501 (C)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to educate, empower and engage a million plus low income populous to be successful business owners,  tradesmen, or business professionals.

What We Do

We will provide business and job training programs through education and hands-on application from our strategic partners and service providers. We will promote community service among our members and partners to participate and to give back to their community

Who We Serve

We serve our contributing members who want to start a business, learn a trade, or improve their professional skills for success.

How We Serve

  1. We provide financial assistance to those in need through BizElife Perpetual Education Fund.  This fund is  set up to pay toward educational programs like workshops,  webinars and job training for members in need inorder to be successful.
  2. We serve our members by being the one-stop trusted and affordable resource for all their professional needs.
  3. We are committed to giving back to the community by promoting community outreach participation.

Be a Donor

There are two ways for you to contribute as a Donor:  Corporate or Indvidual donations.  Our donors are those who plant a seed of opportunities so our entrepreneurs to grow.  You are financially assisting our members' business idea, capital growth and on-going education for success.

Be a BizELife Member

As a member, each month your contribution is providing access to our trusted and affordable service providers and partners who can assist in launching, running and growing your business/skills with success.  Also, you will be a part of our professional and entrepreneur community to qualify for BizELife Perpetual Education Fund program.  Your monthly contribution is also tax deductible.

Be a Partner

Our Partners are the foundation and engine of growth for our members. You are the key to success for all entrepreneurs who want to launch their business, run it successfully, and grow with sustainability for life. BizELife Partners provide the essential education apparatus such as business oriented workshops and real life applications for running a business.